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01:18am 15/08/2011
  Happy birthday to the most beautiful perfect person I have ever met. You are the love of my life, and I wont stop until I find you.  
11:39pm 14/02/2011
  happy valentines. i love you for always.  
09:50pm 14/02/2010
  happy valentines day to the only person i've ever loved.
you know who you are.
dont forget i will love you every day until i die.
i hope you didnt already forget.
11:19pm 09/01/2007
  selling over half of my makeup collection. MAC.Collapse )

tell me what you want to purchase first, then ill tell you my paypal address. i also ask you to please leave me your mailing address so that i have it in a comment as well as paypal. all comments are screened (so no one else can see them) thanks!
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09:25pm 04/10/2006
  hey guys...
cartel and new found glory are playing tomorrow at club zoo on smallman st. in the strip district,
and i have an extra ticket. i just got news im definitely on the guest list.... so i need to sell mine.
i called and it said tickets were going to be $25 at the door, i paid 22.75 for mine...
i want to sell it for $15 so if anyone needs one, leave a comment here or:

tmail : omgCUTE@tmail.com
aim: thebestliars

thanks cutes.
11:13pm 02/09/2006
  so yeah its true i never post anymore. heres whats up and why.

sweet huh? my battery was recalled because they are frying like fish at the muse club on a friday night during lent. haha. good one. and then! MY CHARGER BROKE. computer=dunzo til apple sends me a new battery. im also planning to tell them that my charger broke because of the battery recall, something like that. whateverwhatever.

also, today is a real important day. its one of my best friends... a person i love to be around and hope to have in my life for the rest of it, my brother dhebi's birthday.

i love you so much kid.

my parents put an offer in to buy a house in bloomfield. its 5 bedrooms (possibly 6), 2 bathrooms, a huge garage, huge living room and kitchen, a dining room and 3 floors. i hope they get it i will live there!

oh and luke! i miss you. i hope all is well with the new house, being 21, your job... everything. get ahold of me soon.
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yesterday in a nutshell.   
10:40am 05/02/2006
  went to pick up bobby.
went to betos. its a pizza place where they only cook the crust and the rest of the toppings they put on cold,
and the cheese melts cause the crust is so hot. i like betossss.
i got extra cheese because thats my fave topping.
i had like a pound of cheese left over on my plate, no lie.

we went to nikos for a little while but didnt stay.
we went to shadyside it was cute.
then to urban and stuff.
bought a toooooon of stuff
including fabric panels for my open wall
and a new polaroid camera because my flash burned out on mine.
it was only $12! and film was only $5! i bought allll of it<3
if anyone has a scanner i need to use it please!

we went to nikos and went to maxs and it was fun but SO many people were there.
i finally saw meg and rachel it eas so refreshing.
i LOVE themmmmmm.
i love everyone i saw last night!

we went to the karaoke bar
walking there, we just kept yelling and everyone was beeping their car horns and screaming oout windows.
high fives were given. it was soo awesome.

sorry but even if you dont like the steelers (eat a dick) pittsburgh is the best city in the world right now.
seattle can suck it. (sorry luke, i know you're close to there)

mark my fucking words, i was the first to say it:


my boys<33

the man of the hour!

here we go steelers! here we go!

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i opened my computer and my internet has 1 little dot filled. woo woo!   
02:20pm 17/01/2006
  so, on days when i dont have to work, or days like today where they let me go home early due to slowness in the store, (which is completely okay with me) all i do is lay in bed and read, listen to mates of state, and eat cosmic brownies. sweeet, i know. im currently reading three books (i do this every time. ew) because each of them only hold my interest for a day or two. i want to watch fight club, but i dont have a vcr. i want to watch american idol tonight, but i dont have cable. i lose. if you have cable, invite me over?

im going to do some online shopping. i do not have money to spend though. oh well!
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11:59pm 12/11/2005
  so fuciing drunk
kjellys house
omg cant see
bff vlad and some kids from kent ohio
afre real sweet
mozzliiilla firevfooockz
quicker faste easiet?
sats that thing the freiend from kwnt say??????

i cant hartdyl seel
erika is cute
she from kent
she come from ohidddddddoooo!

si si si.

thats ruuuka
i am having so much fun

also, i live for my bff birthday
and i hate lindsay zofchak and miranda cook
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hello dudes,   
11:41pm 23/10/2005
  i went to baltimore this weekend
it was fun
i thought it was REAL FUN!!!!.

today i got home and ate some real good wedding soup
and then i went to my bff/asian sisters house
i am there now
what a relief, i missed their cute faces.
maybe we will kiss later?

bobby boo and brittney bolero back in full swing tomorrow, real quick.

and i better see bill dinsmo' tomorrow or i will diiiie.

tattoo tomorrow!! yay. i still dont know what im getting.
i like rushing into things.
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mean katreen sale   
04:37pm 06/09/2005
  sale. buy my shit okay!!!Collapse )  
09:42pm 10/06/2005
ahhh if you're raging... YOU KNOW THE DRILL I'M SURE.

i'm kinda sad i wont be around for the rest of the week/weekend and im sure you'll all miss me... HAHA...
tomorrow consists of me hanging out with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds for about 4 hours....
then my family for the rest of the day and night (about 100 of the closest members, anyway)
i dont have cell phone service out in this piece so dont call... NOT LIKE YOU EVER DO!
(unless you're bobby)

luke. summer reminds me of you.
i miss you. you know i do.
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02:12am 08/06/2005
  i'm alive.

and luke i miss you more than you think i do.
11:11pm 29/05/2005
  details.Collapse )

alex i will explain all this to you later.
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05:55pm 01/05/2005
  tons of pics from a real cute party!Collapse )  
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07:36pm 13/02/2005

comment or your shit isnt getting added.
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